Daniel Taus, Dorin Radu
Transilvania University of Brașov, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brașov, Romania  
DOI: https://doi.org/10.31410/eraz.2018.851

4th International Conference – ERAZ 2018 – KNOWLEDGE BASED SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, Sofia- Bulgaria, June 7, 2018, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade, Serbia;  Faculty of Business Studies, Mediterranean University – Podgorica, Montenegro; University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria; Faculty of Commercial and Business Studies – Celje, Slovenia; Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance – Belgrade, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-80194-12-7


One of the major concerns of the steel structures field is the defining of methods for reducing material consumption, and obtaining safe structures in service using elements with cross sections which does not require manual labor and can have a reduced steel quantity. An economical way to reduce the weight of steel elements is to decrease the thickness of the web of welded profiles required to bend and the profile of the web.
The present paper proposes to perform a comparative analysis on the shear web resistance of the steel plate girders and girders with corrugated webs (trapezoidal and sinusoidal web). 

Key words

Corrugated beam webs, sinusoidal corrugated webs, trapezoidal corrugated 


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