Anton Manfreda is assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated at the Faculty of Economics in 2006 and continued with the postgraduate study at IMB program including part-study at the University of Nottingham, GB.

He has finished the PhD at the Faculty of Economics in 2012. He was working at the Ministry of Finance in the Public Property and Financial system directorate where his main activities included evaluating plans of financial reorganization of companies in compulsory settlement. Later, he worked as a researcher at the Faculty of Economics examining the relationship between top management and IT personnel.

His teaching includes courses e-Business and Business processes digitalization in the undergraduate study and Business Process Management, Supply Chain Management and Digital Business in the postgraduate study.

His research area is mainly related to the adoption of technology by focusing mostly on smart cities and smart mobility and business model transformations.

He has also participated in various projects as a consultant related to the business process management including coordinating all activities in the project Analysis of business processes, reorganization and optimization at MDDSZ (Ministry of labour, family and social affairs).

He was also involved in the European project Regional ICT foresight exercise for southeast European countries (FORSEE).