Veronika Kohútová – Department of Mathematical Methods and Managerial Informatics, Faculty of Management, University of Presov, Konštantínova 16, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia


5th International Conference – ERAZ 2019 – KNOWLEDGE BASED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Budapest – Hungary, May 23, 2019, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS

Published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans – Belgrade, Serbia
Conference partners: Faculty of Economics and Business, Mediterranean University, Montenegro; University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria; Faculty of Commercial and Business Studies – Celje, Slovenia; Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance – Belgrade, Serbia;

ISBN 978-86-80194-20-2, ISSN 2683-5568, DOI:


The aim of this study is to identify the relations considering from which countries the visitors
are and how satisfy they are. During our survey we found out there are four major nationalities that
have visited Slovak destinations – Slovaks, Czechs, Hungarians and inhabitants of Poland, as well as
we call this group of states V4 (Visegrad Group). By using linear regression, we reveal if there is a relation
between satisfaction and nationality of tourists in chosen destinations, national parks – Pieniny,
Slovak Paradise and well known High Tatras – and how the findings differ.
The respondents´ satisfaction was determined by a questionnaire survey asked in destinations, where it
was necessary to evaluate the various attributes with which the visitor meets during the holiday or trip.
Attributes included services, potential and development of destination, as well as insight into various
other factors visible in the national park. Overall, we identified 16 attributes and evaluated in the R
program. The results are tables with numerical representations of the effect of the variables.

Key words

satisfaction in tourism, Slovak tourist destinations, linear regression.


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