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5th International Conference – ERAZ 2019 – KNOWLEDGE BASED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Budapest – Hungary, May 23, 2019, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS

Published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans – Belgrade, Serbia
Conference partners: Faculty of Economics and Business, Mediterranean University, Montenegro; University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria; Faculty of Commercial and Business Studies – Celje, Slovenia; Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance – Belgrade, Serbia;

ISBN 978-86-80194-20-2, ISSN 2683-5568, DOI:


Tourism is an integral part of Slovak economy. As current market conditions are continuously
evolving, tourism had to undergo many changes. Many economical areas are currently under
the huge influence of ICT sector and tourism is no exception. Main aim of this paper is to create an
integrated theoretical base of the topic Smart Tourism. This paper includes a brief overview of Smart
Tourism concept, complex definition of Smart Tourism and categorization of smart technology tools
used in tourism. The last chapter is dedicated to Smart Tourism concept use in Bratislava, Slovakia.
The paper may stand as a basis for further Smart Tourism analyses and for practical implementation
this concept into praxis of organizations operating in tourism sector worldwide.

Key words

tourism, smart, ICT, Slovakia


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