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6th International Conference – ERAZ 2020 – KNOWLEDGE BASED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT,  Online/virtual, May 21, 2020, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS

Published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans – Belgrade, Serbia

Conference partners: Faculty of Economics and Business, Mediterranean University, Montenegro; University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria; Faculty of Commercial and Business Studies – Celje, Slovenia; Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance – Belgrade, Serbia

ISSN 2683-5568, ISBN 978-86-80194-33-2, DOI:



This article objectively analyzes the main problems of distance education in vocational education
under the current Internet background, and gives solutions to these main problems. By setting
teaching goals scientifically and reasonably, adopting a mixed teaching model, designing a perfect
teaching process and formulating a scientific course evaluation method, Internet distance teaching will
achieve better teaching effects to make up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching methods.

Key words

Distance teaching, Instructional design, Classroom structure


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