Felicetta Iovino – University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31410/ERAZ.S.P.2019.217

5th International Conference – ERAZ 2019 – KNOWLEDGE BASED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Budapest – Hungary, May 23, 2019, SELECTED PAPERS

Published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans – Belgrade, Serbia
Conference partners: Faculty of Economics and Business, Mediterranean University, Montenegro; University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria; Faculty of Commercial and Business Studies – Celje, Slovenia; Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance – Belgrade, Serbia;

ISBN 978-86-80194-21-9, ISSN 2683-5568, DOI: https://doi.org/10.31410/ERAZ.S.P.2019


The global financial crisis has affected all countries from 2008. Generation Energy companies
play a strategic role in the economy of each country and determine the sustainability of the related resources
involved. It is therefore interesting to analyze the profitability of generation energy companies, operating in
particular during the generation phase, during the period of the crisis. The aim of this paper is to analyze the
profitability of the aforementioned companies, to check whether they have suffered the effects of the global crisis.
To this end, data from the AIDA database relating to Italian companies in the sector were used. The
profitability of these companies has been analyzed using the main profitability, ROA and ROE ratios. An
analysis of the trends of these indices was carried out for the period 2008-2017. In this way, it has been
verified whether the global crisis has affected the profitability of generation energy companies in Italy.

Key words

Crisis, Energy, ROA, ROE, Profitability, Performance, Ratio.


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