Noise Pollution Measurement in High-traffic Streets of Durres Municipality


Marsida Klemo – “Aleksander Moisiu” University of Durres, Professional Studies Faculty, Applied and Natural Science Department, Currila Street, no.1, Albania
Osman Metalla – “Aleksander Moisiu” University of Durres, Professional Studies Faculty, Marine and Engineering Science Department, Currila Street, no.1, Albania

Urban noise;
Dogana street;
Equivalent noise level


Abstract: The inspection of noise pollution in urban areas can affect pos­itively the health and welfare of residents. This paper analyzes the noise pollution in high-traffic streets of different areas in Durres Municipality. Measurements carried out by using TESTO 816-1 supply were investigated and compared to see the highest equivalent noise level during morning and night time. The results were evidenced and conclusions were reported. It was found a difference between the average equivalent noise levels of ar­eas/streets monitored. During morning the highest value was observed in the industrial area (Dogana street) with <Leq> = 61.02 dB followed by the commercial area (Adria street) with <Leq> = 59.04 dB and the residential area (Stefan Kaculini – Glaukia street) with <Leq> = 57.6 dB. The highest equivalent noise level during the night was observed in the commercial area (Egnatia street) with <Leq> = 52.04 dB. The findings achieved by this study showed also that noise pollution levels noticed were higher than permissible levels and most of this pollution was caused by vehicle traffic.

7th International Scientific ERAZ Conference – ERAZ 2021 – Conference Proceedings: KNOWLEDGE BASED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT,  Online/virtual, May 27, 2021

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