Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance,  Jevrejska 24/1, Belgrade, Serbia

Prof. Pavle Radanov is a university professor who teaches, among other things, the subjects of Sustainable Development in Basic Academic Studies and Theoretical Concept of Sustainable Development in Doctoral Academic Studies. He wrote his doctorate in the field of local development.

He was the mayor of the city of Pančevo and the coordinator of the team for the development and implementation of the project “Development Strategy of the city of Pančevo”.

He has published a scientific monograph “Urban Development Planning”, books “Local Development Education Project”, “Manual for Local Development Strategy” and “Sustainable Development Strategy”, as well as several original scientific papers in the field of sustainable local development.

He is accredited as an implementer – lecturer of professional training programs in public administration for the areas Local development and investments in local self-government and Planning in local self-government, according to the Decision on accreditation of implementers of professional training programs in public administration of the National Academy of Public Administration of Serbia.

In 2015 under his leadership, the city of Pančevo became the winner of the Certificate of Favorable Business Environment, and the City Administration Team became the head of NALED’s Forum of Experts for Local Economic Development.